Keeping Your Colors Bright

Keeping Your Colors Bright

Keeping Your Colors Bright

We’ve all been there. You have a brilliantly colored garment you love, but you’ve noticed that wash by wash it’s started to lose its brightness. You have chosen to take care of that much loved item by washing it more delicately, maybe even by hand, but then those stains are harder to remove.

When it comes to how to keep colors from fading, sometimes you’ll feel you have to choose between getting those stains out or keeping the colors bright. Luckily, with the right detergent for colored clothes, it’s possible to remove stains and also keep colors looking vibrant.

You might find it a challenge to find a color detergent that simply does it all, but you don’t have to compromise on effective stain removal and maintaining the bright colors of your garments.

Introducing Ariel Gel for Stain Removal in 1 Wash

Ariel has the laundry solution that’s right for you with its innovative Ariel Gel, offering you the right solution when it comes to removing stains from colored clothes, while giving you great results in one wash - without losing those colors. With its concentrated formula and color-lock technology, you can keep your garments looking as good as new.

Works on Different Kinds of Stains While Keeping Your Garment’s Colors

Have you encountered the problem that it’s hard to remove rust stains, sweat stains, bleach stains, and other stains like oil and dye? Ariel Gel removes tough stains in the first wash and helps preserve the colors of your garments.

Now you can enjoy those colors and keep them looking their best, without any compromise.

The stains go out and the colors stay in- No compromise