Product description

Designed for full automatic machine (Front and Top load), this Power Gel provides you Delightful freshness in 1 wash.Gentle on fabrics, it offers strong stain removal in 1 wash combining the stain removal ingredients of powder with all the advantages of a liquid form.

How to Use

Always check Usage and Dosing Instructions on pack.

Dosing depends on: size of load, water hardness, soil level of laundry and type of washing machine

1. Pour required amount into dosing cap*.

2. Place your fabrics into the empty drum.

3. Add on top of your fabrics (in the drum) the pre-filled dosing cap.

4. For extra Freshness/Softness, add Downy Fabric enhancer into the machine drawer.

5. Select and Start the machine program/cycle.

* if you don't have a dosing cap, pour directly the required amount into the machine drawer (better to use a dosing cap if available).


- Delightfull Touch of Downy freshness experience

- Fantastic for stain removal in 1 wash.

- Concentrated power gel

- Can be applied directly on tough stain (using its green pre-treat cap)

- Keep colors & whites bright

- Leaves No residues

* Tested vs. leading automatic dilute liquid detergent

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