4 myths about caring for denim

Jeans demand special care to endure

They may be the most comfortable clothes you own, but are you taking care of them properly? Here, we will bust four of the most common misconceptions about this true-blue fabric.

4 myths about caring for denim

Like a best friend, a well-fitting pair of jeans should be treasured—if you’re lucky enough to find them. But while there are lots of myths about how to prolong the life of denim, not all of the advice will actually add extra wear to your favourite pair. Here, we share the real deal on caring for denim…

Myth 1: Freezing jeans can rid them of bacteria.

False. While some germs die off in the freezer, the hardier ones live on. And since most of the germs on your jeans come from you, once your body temperature warms the fabric, the germs can come back just like before.

Myth 2: If you must wash jeans, do so sparingly.

True. Washing jeans rarely helps preserve their shape. This is especially true of denim that hasn’t been prewashed, which takes longer to mould to your body’s contours. When the time for laundering comes, always wash jeans inside out in cold water—to preserve their colour—with a specially formulated detergent like Ariel Automatic Power Gel Original or Ariel Automatic 3in1 PODS Original. Lay them flat on a towel to dry.

Myth 3: Wearing jeans in the bathtub can ensure a perfect fit.

False. In general, wearing jeans in the tub and then keeping them on until they’re dry is a waste of time. There is one major brand, however, that makes a jean specifically designed to shrink to fit the wearer’s body. The manufacturer recommends soaking the jeans in the bathtub and then putting them on when slightly damp so that they dry on your body and retain your shape.

Myth 4: The more stretch, the better.

Maybe. It really depends on your body type and how “clingy” you want your denim to be. Look for jeans with a low Spandex-to-cotton ratio (2% to 5% Spandex to 98% to 95% cotton), which will give you a look that hugs your shape without making you feel like a sausage.