New Ariel Power Gel

Works on different kinds of stains while keeping your garment’s colours?

Have you encountered the problem that it’s hard to remove rust stains, sweat stains, bleach stains, and other stains like oil and dye? Ariel Gel removes tough stains in the first wash and helps preserve the colors of your garments. Now you can enjoy those colors and keep them looking their best, without any compromise. The stains go out and the colors stay in - No compromise


You might find it a challenge to keep colors from fading while removing tough stains at the same time, but it is possible! The innovative Ariel Gel with its concentrated formula and color-lock technology, offers outstanding laundry results in 1 wash.

Ink? Tomato? Chocolate? Removing these stains is child’s play with Ariel! The best dried-in stain remover helps you get rid of the toughest stains in 1 wash.

Make-up helps you look your best, but only if it’s on your face – not your clothes. Watch our step-by-step guide on how to get rid of cosmetics from clothing.