How to give your wardrobe a makeover

How to give your wardrobe a makeover

Follow these tips to create the closet of your dreams, or at least make the best of the space you do have!

Do the glossy photos of super-organised wardrobes in decorating magazines make you long for some order in your own home? Surprisingly, it’s not that difficult to transform a messy wardrobe into a picture-perfect—and functional—space. These wardrobe organisation tips make it easy. Hint: The less stuff you have, the simpler it is to organise.

Pare down your collection. Start by removing everything from your wardrobe and making three piles—keep, donate, and toss. The toss pile is for anything that’s damaged or too worn out to pass onto a charitable group. Be ruthless in your editing. If you haven’t worn something in over a year, donate or toss.

Do a spot check. When you know what you’re keeping, inspect each garment carefully under a bright light for any stains. If it’s clean, it can go back in the wardrobe, or refresh it with Ariel Automatic Power Gel Touch of Downy, so the next time you take it out, it may still smell fresh. If there’s a stain—and the garment’s safe to wash—remove the spill with an Ariel gel detergent like Ariel Automatic Power Gel Original.

Create some order. Sort the items you’re keeping by category (short-sleeve blouses, long-sleeve button-downs, sundresses, pants, skirts, etc.), then by colour. Invest in slim hangers covered in a nonslip fabric. Cramming your clothing in the wardrobe prevents air from circulating and can lead to wrinkling. And don’t hang your jumpers, which can lose their shape. Instead, stack them by colour or texture on shelves, keeping the stacks eight to 10 inches high to prevent toppling. Consider investing in a shoe rack too.

Accessorise. Whether you’ve got a walk-in wonderland or barely enough room for a second clothing bar, your wardrobe is one of the most important “rooms” in your house. So have some fun with it! Paint the interior a bright colour or add wallpaper to the back wall. Attach decorative hooks for hanging belts, fabric bins for storing scarves, and powder-coated handbag divider bars for keeping purses in order. If you have room, add a boldly printed throw rug or a hang a cork “inspiration” board for displaying photos of outfits you love. You’ll smile every time you open the door.