How to wash patterned clothing effectively

We live in a picture perfect world, where everything has to be sharp and vibrant. All is HD and Insta-ready. No wonder our clothes are becoming more detailed, featuring cutting-edge patterns and details that jump out from the screen. They have to be HD beautiful, as your eyes are trained to it, expecting it, accepting nothing less.

But sometimes that beauty seems fleeting. Have you ever bought a stunning, vibrant, luminous dress, only to see it become dingy, yellowed and lose its sharpness mere weeks later? Washing doesn’t seem to be able to protect your clothes against losing their sharpness and their edge.

Until now: meet new Ariel Platinum.

You can keep patterns and details luminous

Patterned clothing gives you a new challenge when it comes to laundry. Sometimes it can seem like the more times you wash that beautiful dress, the dirtier and dingier it gets, even though it was meant to get cleaner and more vibrant.

Traditional detergents contain surfactants that remove even the toughest stains. But they only remove the stains that you can see. It’s sticky dirt that does the damage, destroying the definition of your patterned clothing.

Definition lowering dirt

Every day, dirt like pollution, pollen, sweat and sebum stick fibre deep onto your garments, acting like tiny magnets drawing more and more dirt onto the fibres of your clothes. While traditional detergents remove most of this dirt, only Ariel Platinum can remove these residual sticky dirt molecules that can be left behind on the fibres.

As that dirt builds up, it starts to act like a filter, hiding the details of your clothes behind a dingy layer of dirt. Colours can lose their definition, looking faded and dull.

Yet there is a way to remove this fibre deep dirt and bring the vibrancy back to your patterned clothing.

Ariel Platinum Luminous HD Clean has been developed to deal with both stain you can see and sticky dirt directly, removing it in 1 wash, keeping or restoring the vibrancy of your clothes.

Forget Instagram filters. With Ariel Platinum Luminous HD Clean rejuvenating your colours and patterns you won’t need filters anymore for an HD perfect look.