Compaction is very important to Ariel, but what is it exactly?


Put simply, compaction is giving you more power and better performance with less detergent. This means that each grain of Ariel powder and each drop of Ariel gel contain more cleaning power than ever before.

That doesn’t just make our products great on tough stains, though. With each drop containing more power, we can shrink the size of the package and cut down on waste, too. That’s the essence of compaction: giving you more, for less.

Tough on stains, gentle on the environment

You may have noticed that detergents have come a long way since huge packs of powder. Boxes may be smaller, but the washing detergent lasts longer. This doesn’t just mean you need to carry and store less, but that it requires less energy at every stage of its life.

Environmental sustainability and protection is high on Ariel’s list of priorities, and compaction is key to this.

Smaller, more powerful detergent means less packaging is needed, using less energy in manufacture. It also means fewer raw materials and less wastage on product. Also, as packaging is smaller, it takes up less space, not just in your cupboard, but in storage and in transport, cutting emissions and therefore environmental impact.

A simpler laundry process

Yet Ariel detergent doesn’t stop there. We are constantly looking for new ways to minimize the impact of Ariel washing and our detergent on the environment.

Ariel PODS allow you a simple laundry process and are our most compacted form. Now you don’t have to worry about over-dosing: just pop in a pod. This also means that the dosage level is just right for each wash, meaning less wastage.

Ariel compaction is also important, and we are constantly looking for new, efficient ways to cut waste, improve quality and give you better tough stain removal with less detergent and less impact on the environment.