Control Panel

Guide to basics: How to set your wash. Your washing machine has three main settings: agitation, length and temperature.

Control Panel

Setting Agitation

For delicates you need less agitation. Sturdy items, cotton, synthetics and heavily soiled garments need the most

Setting length

Quick washes are great for lightly soiled garments and emergency washes (link to Quick Wash article)

Setting temperature

With Ariel liquid, you can turn to 30 and get brilliant stain removal while saving energy (link to sustainable WM usage article). You can never set a higher temperature than the wash default, only lower

How to load your washing machine

You should be able to fit a hand into your full drum, and nothing else. Don’t over load or your wash will be less effective

Other washing machine settings

Your washing machine may have more cycles. Eco settings save energy, while hand washes protect your delicates

Checking Care symbols

Remember to check your care symbols beforehand for the best results

Final Tips for understanding your washing machine

For best results, unload within at least 2 hours after the cycle has finished