How to wash down coats and bedding

Must-know moves to keep your feathery friends fluffy and snuggly. Whether you have down-filled comforters, sleeping bags, winter jackets, pillows, or all of these, the right cleaning steps will ensure they stay silky soft and freshly scented.

  1. Check labels to be sure your down goods can be machine washed. Check pillow and bedding seams for durability, and mend any shaky seams. For puffy coats, fasten all zippers and empty pockets.

  2. Choose a normal wash and spin cycle (unless otherwise noted by the care label), and add a detergent like Ariel Automatic Power Gel Touch of Downy or Ariel Powder Touch of Downy Original.

  3. Hang your down items outside in the sun to dry. A windy day will give your clothes the most even dry. If you have to do the drying indoors, make sure to hang your clothes where air can flow all around the items.