How to load a washing machine

Before loading, make sure to follow a few simple tricks in order to give your clothes the care they deserve. Do not mix items, as larger ones tend to “eat” the smaller pieces, which can lead to a laundry snake. Also, zip up all zippers and do up all buttons to avoid accidental ripping.

How to load a washing machine

Do not overload

An overfilled washing machine can result in the laundry moving round in one large mass. The clothes will not agitate against each other and the detergent won't be able to circulate.

Do not under-load

You do need to fill the drum in order to get the most economical use. Under-loading it can make the weight of clothes more likely to accumulate on one side of the drum. This can make the load out of balance and cause violent banging on spin.

So what is the best solution?

Fill the drum for economy, but pat the clothes down lightly and make sure you can feel a reasonable gap (a hand’s width) between the top of the clothes and the top of the drum. Bear in mind that the drum may look full, but once water comes in many items will shrink in bulk.

White marks on the clothes?

No, it is probably not because you used too much detergent! Usually, it is because you put too much washing in the load. Today’s energy efficient washing machines use less water. You should also know that more delicate fibres and faster wash cycles require a smaller load to give the garments more space to move around.

Now that you know everything about loading a machine, make sure you use the proper detergent as well. The Ariel Power Gel Original with pre-treat cap easily dissolves and gives you outstanding clean and stain removal in the 1st wash.