How to stop sticky dirt build up on new clothes

The world around strives for perfection. Films and media show an almost unreachable level of detail, and our Instagram feeds show stunning, perfect images. So when you find something that’s just perfect, it’s still not enough. You don’t have to go with the flow though, only if you want to. And who wouldn’t want their perfect garment that they have been searching for a long time to stay perfect?

Sometimes that perfect dress only seems perfect the first time. It loses its brand new crispy feel, its shine and vibrancy early on, leaving you disappointed. How could that happen? Especially when you think you’re giving it the perfect care, and you think you know how to wash new clothing.

What if that perfect care wasn’t so perfect after all?

Translucent sticky filter around the fibres

Your visibly clean clothes’ deep hidden secret

A global study that washed 900kg of fabric has discovered the deep secret behind your visibly clean garments. Sticky dirt. That sticky dirt is the biggest single threat to your clothes’ beauty and hides around the fibres of your fabrics, sucking more dirt in.

Every day, your clothes collect dirt. While your wash removes most of this dirt – including all the stains you can see – some particles remain. These particles accumulate, creating a translucent sticky filter around the fibres of your clothes that attracts more dirt day by day.

Pollution from traffic, pollen and simple dust clings to the outside of your fabrics wash after wash, leaving an unhealthy grey sheen. Meanwhile, sweat, sebum and other body soils stick to the inside of your fabric, turning whites yellow. And every time you wash your clothes, these sticky dirts attract more and more residues, diffusing the light on the surface of your clothes and dulling their definition.

What is a dingy layer?

Sticky dirt hides deep between the fibres of your clothes and acts like a magnet, attracting more and more dirt. As regular detergents cannot remove them, they build up over time, creating a dingy layer. This is almost like a filter that ruins the vibrancy of your garments, reducing their definition.

The power of deep cleaning

Thanks to years of innovation, surfactants found in laundry detergents remove the toughest of stains you can see. Yet they do nothing to deal with the sticky dirt lurking within your fabrics, waiting to become visible.

But thanks to the scientists at the Platinum Advanced Research Lab, there is another way.

Ariel Platinum contains special cleaning boosters and cleaning actives, which have been developed with first in class technology, utilising deep fibre science to disintegrate the hidden sticky dirt filter that hides the beauty of your clothes and leaves them flawless after the wash.

Ariel Platinum laundry detergent comparison chart

Ariel Platinum Luminous HD Clean delivers an outstanding clean on tough stains. Enriched with a cocktail of lightening agents that lifts away dullness from whites and colours to bring your clothes back to their luminous best.

Ariel Platinum Fragrant HD Clean works on tough stains, offering an outstanding clean even on those lingering ones that cause malodour. Enhanced with unique scent technology containing bubbles that gradually burst with friction, releasing the fresh of clean all day. Enjoy 24 hours of outstanding freshness that you can feel.

Ariel Platinum Pure HD Clean offers you the same outstanding clean on tough stains, including allergens, with its gentle formula that smooths fibres and removes the micro fibrils that are responsible for particulate allergen binding. This results in eliminating up to 99% of particulate allergens that are kept locked in your clothes’ fibres.

So let your clothes be reborn through Ariel Platinum’s HD clean.