How to keep clothes smelling fresh for longer

Our world has become picture perfect. Thanks to social sharing and beauty filters, everything has to look amazing, without fail. But the perfect garment has to do more than look great, it has to feel great and smell great, too. Just like your perfume, but for your clothes. A fresh scent that is turning heads.

Can a detergent do that? There are so many scented candles that call themselves ‘Cotton Clean’ and ‘Fresh Laundry’. Well, it is time to smell it on your garment too – and not only for an hour. For 24 hours!

Stuck in smells

So what can ruin your garments’ fresh scent and is there a way to give it back? While we can see and smell stains on our favourites, hidden sticky dirt can be lurking on your fabric’s fibres. This hidden layer of dirt creates a sticky dirt filter, and malodours stick to that layer. This means that unwanted odours can get stuck in your clothes – not letting go. Sticky dirts like that act like a magnet, accumulating over time, no matter how many times you wash your clothes.

You may think your traditional detergent gives your clothes the best possible care and freshness, but the truth is different. While traditional detergents can remove the toughest stains that you can see thanks to surfactants, the sticky, fibre deep and sometimes smelly dirt is left behind wash after wash.

Deep Fibre Science

Ariel Platinum Fragrant HD Clean uses cleaning boosters to target and remove deep down dirt as well as tackling stains you can see thanks to the Ariel stain fighting complex. Combined with dual scent technology, Platinum can deal with these sticky residues and unwanted odours, keeping your favourites smelling and looking fresh and vibrant, no matter how many times they’ve been worn and washed.

Unique scent technology also contains bubbles that gradually burst with friction throughout the day, releasing the fresh smell of clean all day long, at every touch.

Keep the fresh smell of clean all day long

So banish that sticky dirt and its smells. With Ariel Platinum Fragrant HD Clean’s deep down cleaning, you can enjoy fresh and clean clothes for the whole day.

Get ready for the 24 hour freshness that only Ariel’s HD clean can give.