How to remove tomato stains from clothes

No wonder no one likes tomato sauce stains, since they can be quite hard to remove. Tomato stains are a combination stain made up of proteins, fats and highly coloured pigments, so you need a sophisticated detergent with bleaching agents, surfactants and enzymes, like Ariel which can remove these multi-component stains effectively in the 1st wash. Luckily, Ariel can help you clean tomato sauce stains, in a few simple steps.

How to remove tomato stains from clothes

How to remove tomato stains

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    Place one Ariel 3in1 POD into the bottom of your empty drum. For very tough stains, add a second POD. Always make sure to check dosage instructions on your pack.

    Pod in drum
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    Load your stained garments on top of the PODS.

    Preparing for wash
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    Wash on the highest temperature as instructed by your clothes’ care labels.

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    After the wash cycle is complete, unload the garments immediately.


Effective stain removal on a variety of stains

It’s easy to get messy in the kitchen, but with Ariel stain solutions, you can manage your laundry challenges, such as tomato sauce stain removal or any other cooking stain. Get outstanding stain removal in the 1st wash with Ariel 3in1 PODS Washing Tablets.