Step-by-Step Guide on How to Use a Measuring Powder Scoop

Getting the dose of laundry detergent right can make or break your laundry results.

Find out just how much washing powder you need to use to suit the dirtiness of your clothes, the hardness of your water, and the size of your load.

How to dose washing powder

When it comes to washing your clothes, getting the dose right is important. Too much laundry detergent doesn’t necessarily result in better stain removal. Not only that, too much detergent can cause an excess of suds, which can prompt too many rinse cycles, or can simply leave your clothes dirty and dull. On the other hand, too little detergent may not get those stains lifted off.

Finding the right dose depends on various factors, such as:

  • How dirty your clothes are.

  • How large the laundry load is.

  • How hard the water is in your area.

Once you know the size of your load, you can measure out the right quantity of washing powder by following these measurements:

The good news is there is no need to get the scales out when you have Ariel’s scoop, which helps you get the dosage right, easily. If you’re interested in knowing more about dosing correctly, read our dosing for your washing machine size.

How do I use the washing powder scoop?

The washing powder measuring scoop is designed with optimal dosage in mind, making it easier for you to scoop the right amount of washing powder for your load. Just follow the measurements on the side of the scoop to measure the dose you need, then simply pour it into the detergent compartment of your washing machine.

How to wash with powder detergent

Getting the best results from your laundry is no big secret, but it is important to wash your clothes properly. Follow our steps for washing with Ariel Regular Washing Powder to not only see outstanding stain removal, but also give your clothes a deep clean. You can watch our video or simply read the instructions below.

  • Check the dosage instructions on the packaging, taking into account the soiling level, your area’s water hardness, and your load size.

  • Use the washing powder measuring cup to get the right dose for your wash.

  • Pour the washing powder into the detergent drawer of your washing machine.

  • Load the machine

  • Select the right washing cycle and press start.

Before washing your garments, check the fabric care labels so you know how to care for your garments properly.

See outstanding stain removal and laundry results from the first wash with Ariel, with a little help from the washing powder dosing scoop.