How Much Washing Powder to Use for Perfectly Clean Clothes

Do you need guidance on how to use your laundry powder correctly? Here you'll find how to dose and which factors affect the amount of powder you'd need!

How to use and dose Ariel powder detergent

Make your powder detergent really work for you with our how to use and how to dose guide

Feeling confident starts with clean clothes, and Ariel Washing Powder works hard to not only give your clothes a thorough clean, but also leave them smelling good.

When you have tough stains like dirt and clay, you’ll want to use a laundry powder. Ariel Washing Powder also contains bleach, which is why it is especially great for bright whites, not to mention you’ll also see great results on all wash cycles.

If you want to get the most from your detergent, you’ll need to make sure you are using it correctly.

How to Dose Powder Detergent

To start with, you need to use the right amount of powder laundry detergent. There are a few things that affect how much detergent you need to use. 

  • How dirty is your laundry? 

  • How much laundry do you need to wash? 

  • Is it a semi- or fully-automatic washing machine? 

  • Is it a top or front loader washer? 

Is the water in your area hard? Water hardness will vary throughout the country, and you’ll need to use more detergent if you live in a hard water area to get the best results. Always check dosing instructions on the pack and use the scoop to measure out the right amount (the markings on the scoop should help). 

Just like using too little detergent does not give you the required cleaning, too much detergent is also bad for your clothes. If you find traces of residue from your powder, your clothes have a soapy or sticky feel, there’s a musty smell on your clothes, or if you find your colours have turned dull or your whites grey, then you may be using too much detergent. This is why it’s important to follow the instructions on the pack to get the dosage right. 

Get the laundry results you want by following our steps so you get clean and fresh clothes. If you want a handy guide on how much powder detergent to use, see this infographic for more information.

How to Use Powder Detergent

When it comes to getting the best out of your laundry when using powder detergent, follow our laundry tips on how to use powder detergent: 

  • Check the dosing instructions on the packaging.

  • Use the scoop to measure out the correct dose.

  • If you’re using a top loader or a semi-automatic washing machine, dose detergent directly into the drum before adding clothes.

  • If using a front loader, add the powder detergent to the drawer.

  • Once you’ve added the detergent, place the clothes in the drum.

  • Choose the cycle based on the recommendation on the fabric care label and press start.

  • Make sure you always keep the detergent out of reach of children. 

After you have added your washing powder, add your dirty laundry. Make sure you don’t overfill your machine. For front loading machines, if you can fit your palm into the top of the drum, you’re fine. If it doesn’t fit, then take out some items until it does. For top loading machines, the level of dry laundry should not exceed the level of the inner tub. 

Always follow the fabric care label on your clothes to make sure you choose the right program so you see outstanding laundry results every time. 

Keep Detergents Safe

While detergents are great at washing clothes, they can be a hazard for young children and pets. So always keep your detergent sealed and stored in a dry cupboard or up high, out of reach of grasping hands. 

Follow these simple dosing steps and use Ariel laundry powder detergent for outstanding results in the first wash. Get the best out of your laundry with Ariel Matic for fully-automatic washing machines, or regular Ariel Washing Powder for semi-automatic washing machines and handwashing.