How you can save energy

It’s the aim of Ariel to save energy on our detergents at every stage of their life. So, along with innovative manufacturing processes and compaction, we’re determined to help you save energy by giving you great wash performance in quick cycles or at low temperatures with Ariel. After all, it doesn’t just help the environment, but it helps you, too.

How you can save energy

In your home, it’s likely that you can save electricity through a number of simple actions. Do you leave the TV on or accidentally forget to switch off the lights at night? Yet the biggest waste comes from your utilities. Your washing machine uses a lot of electricity to do its job, and there are some great ways to save on that.

In fact, during your laundry process, the largest environmental impact comes from what cycle and wash temperature you use.

Turn to 30 or below and use quick cycles for every day loads

Tips on saving energy like turning your wash temperature down from 40 to 30 degrees or below can save you 30% of the energy used.

That’s not a small amount. Ariel’s coolclean technology helps you save energy in every wash delivering you brilliant cleaning in lower temperatures for more sustainable living.

For your every-day loads it is also perfectly fine to use a quick cycle, which often automatically washes at a low temperature. This saves you time, prolongs the average lifetime of your washing machine and cares for your clothes. It also optimizes the use of resources like water, energy and time, helpful not just to you, but to the environment.

1 wash clean, every time

There are other ways you can save energy on your wash, too. For instance, Ariel offers you amazing tough stain removal in 1 wash, so there’s no need to pre-wash. Make sure to fill up your washing machine before every wash, too. But avoid to overfill your machine. You should be able to fit an upturned palm in the top of your full drum. Nothing more.

Of course, buying an energy efficient washing machine will save you energy every wash, but there are still more ways you can save around the house.

Efficiency around the house

Loft insulation can cut down on heat loss, save you money and cut down on carbon dioxide emissions. LED lightbulbs use up to 10 times less energy than standard ones, while insulating walls and draught proofing your windows and doors can save you kilos of carbon dioxide emissions every year.

Ariel is committed to saving energy at every stage of our detergents’ life, from innovative manufacturing to cooler and quicker washes.