How to be more 'compact'

When it comes to laundry detergent, being compact doesn’t have one benefit, it has many. Which is why Ariel puts a big focus on compaction.

How to be more 'compact'

Modern detergents, such as Ariel 3in1 PODS, are compacted, meaning they fit into a much smaller space and that they allow you to clean with smaller doses. Compaction doesn’t just mean that you have less to carry and that you have more room in your cupboard back home, though, it also means we can transport more Ariel powerful detergent at once, cutting carbon emissions.

It also means less packaging, while delivering even more power and sustainability.

Right dosage

By making our Ariel compact detergent more powerful, you have to use less of it. Yet that’s no good if you cannot get the dose right.

Too much washing detergent and you not only waste detergent, but you may well need to wash again. You’ll waste energy and water, as well as the detergent. That’s not good for your wallet or the environment.

So at Ariel, we make sure the dosing process is as easy as possible. Ariel PODS are not only our most compacted form, but their use is also the simplest way to ensure you get the right amount of detergent into your wash, every time.