You don’t buy Ariel for the packaging, you buy it for the amazing clean and quality. That doesn’t change the importance of the package, though. Not just designed to hold the detergent, Ariel’s packaging serves many roles.


Packaging plays a key role in protecting the Ariel detergent inside. Therefore, it is crucial to continue our journey to deliver more sustainable packaging that can help to protect the environment.

The labels on the packaging also provide important ingredients lists, safety information and dosing instructions.

The 5 Rs

At Ariel, we’re committed to using the most efficient packaging possible, not only for our consumers, but for the environment. So when we design new Ariel environment packaging we use the 5 Rs: Remove, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Recover every step of the way.

This means that we use less material than before for our products (‘reduce’), use recycled materials in production (‘recycle’), recover and re-use old packaging, remove by switching to using alternative resources or by limiting the use of certain materials.

As such, we’re currently switching manufacture of Ariel Gel bottles to a new process requiring 20% less resin.

Sustainability is key

Ariel places a lot of importance on sustainability, and packaging is one important element here.

We’re committed to packaging that not only uses less material, but is compatible with waste management systems. Ariel washing means less waste and therefore less impact on the environment.

More than 90% of our packaging is already recyclable, and we are constantly looking for solutions to make the rest recyclable, too.

As such, our packaging teams are continuously looking for ways to cut waste, package size and weight, while providing you with better Ariel compaction and experience.