Scents are important in our lives. Scents can create a range of sensations, enhancing your mood, invigorating or giving out a sense of calm. Yet they’re much more important than that. Scents can help us identify all kinds of things in the world around us. From the scent of people to the scent of foods, they give us important information every minute.

Ariel understands how important it is for your clothes to smell good, therefore. The fragrance of your clothes can influence others’ opinion of you, so getting this right can be important.


An Ariel for everyone

Not everyone is the same, however, so we offer a range of fragrances across all Ariel products. As such, you can smell like you want to, whether you’re a fresh kind of person, a calm kind of person or anything else.

Wearing fresh smelling clothes is pleasurable: the right scent and a washing powder fragrance can make you feel confident or put you at ease. No wonder scents like fresh cotton, freshly washed linen, and clean laundry are really popular among high-profile and innovative perfume houses. Our perfumers put as much work into creating the scent for our next liquid washing detergent and washing powder as they would the next fine perfume. Now you know why Ariel Automatic Powder Original smell is so pleasant.

Safe for all

At Ariel, we’re also highly aware of the possibility for allergic reactions. Our products are tested to very high standards and we have never seen any perfume allergy caused by our detergents. We have tested our detergents for skin allergies (HRIPT) or skin intolerance in tens of thousands of volunteers.

Safety is also an important concern. Perfumes are made taking into account our strict safety standards for every ingredient, as well as the standards set by the International Fragrance Association (IFRA) and the Research Institute for Fragrance Materials (RIFM).

At Ariel, we also want our customers to have choice. So while we believe that Ariel fragrances make your laundry better, we understand some people prefer their detergents scent free. Our detergents, therefore, sometimes include a perfume free variant.