Washing machine care tips

It’s not just your detergent that gives your clothes their smell, your washing machine plays a part, too. So it’s important to keep it clean and care for it. After all, if your washing machine drum is dirty, it doesn’t matter how good the detergent is.

Washing machine care tips

Your washing machine may gain a smell through the buildup of odor-causing residues in your washer from laundry soils, detergents and water hardness minerals in the drum. Dirt removed from clothes can stick around in the drum after washing, creating a breeding ground.

In the dark, warm and damp environment, odor-causing residues in your washer releases unpleasant smells. These smells can then move onto your clothes.

Your steps to a clean washing machine

Your first step to keep your washing machine smelling great is simply leaving the door & dispenser drawer slightly open when not in use. This lets them dry out and stops that damp smell from settling.

Also, it’s best to take your clothes out of the machine immediately rather than leaving them in the machine. If they’re left to sit in the damp, unwanted smells could start to appear. If you cannot take them out immediately, within 2 hours is best.

A monthly maintenance wash is also recommended. This means washing on a high temperature (90C is best) with no clothes, and a detergent with bleach in it, such as Ariel Automatic Powder Original. After this wash, your machine should be back to smelling fresh, ready to help your clothes smell great once again.

Outside as well as in

The outside of your machine should also be cleaned, and you can do so easily. Just wipe clean monthly with lukewarm, soapy water, and don’t use abrasive products or solvents.

Sometimes, however, you need to pay the machine a bit more attention. The rubber door seal can pick up residues in your washer from laundry soils, detergents and water hardness minerals easily, so give it a good clean every now and again. Also, checking the filter, water supply hose and other parts for any buildup of dirt and thread is a good idea. Remove these and you can give your washing machine a new life.

Extra tip: The correct dosage of detergent helps to protect your machine, too.