No water coming into washing machine

When your washing machine won’t fill with water, act! You can probably solve the problem yourself in most cases, with just some basic tools and a little time. Generally, this is a fairly simple laundry problem. So here is what you should check:

No water coming into washing machine


Pull out the washing machine so you can see the hoses. Are the faucets on? Do they allow water to enter? If not, than you have yourself a problem, but you can solve it easily. If hoses are kinked, simply straighten them.


They can be heavily clogged. Unplug the machine, then disconnect the hoses from the back. The filters on the back sit in the water inlet valve. Clean them out.

Water inlet valve

If the filters are clean, you’ll need to check the water inlet valve and the water volume selector switch to ensure it is set properly and that the buttons on the control panel are fully depressed.

Very slow flow

If the water only flows and fills very slowly and both the hoses and the filters are fine, the problem will be in your house’s plumbing.

There are an additional two ground rules to follow: have a washing machine repair man you trust available on short notice, and use a detergent that is not only developed to be applicable with all machines, but cleans very well at the same time: like Ariel Automatic Powder Original does.