How to Keep Your Clothes Looking New

Wearing brand new clothes rejuvenates your mind, fills you with happiness, and brings out your most confident self. We all love the feel of clean clothes, along with the bright colours or the brilliant whites you get with a brand new garment. The sad thing is that this fresh magic seems to vanish with just the first wash. Not anymore!

How to Keep Your Clothes Looking New

Clothes are more than just fabrics that keep us warm and dry. They mirror our personality, express our style and identity, and a loved item of clothing feels like a member of the family. Which is why we’re always sad when a beloved garment loses its lustre and brilliance over time. The good news is that thanks to Ariel, you can clean your favourite white garments like new.

Ariel’s upgraded powder detergents not only remove the toughest stains in one wash, but they also brighten your white clothes, making them look like new. From now on, you can stand out from the crowd with fabrics that are good as new.

Although most clothes lose their “new” look after the first wash, Ariel’s powder detergents go beyond your usual laundry routine to:

  • GIVE YOUR CLOTHES A STAIN FREE CLEAN. Removes tough stains in the first wash.

  • KEEP YOUR WHITE CLOTHES BRIGHT. Ariel not only maintains the brightness of your favourite whites, but also helps them look like new.

How to Keep Your Clothes Looking New

Thanks to the outstanding cleaning power of Ariel, stain removal has never been easier. Its clever formula helps get rid of tough stains in one wash, even if you spilt a glass of chocolate milkshake over your shirt or stained it while cooking. Ariel powder detergents clean both whites and colours brilliantly. What’s more, Ariel will help you keep your favourite white garments looking like new. From now on, the question isn’t how to brighten white clothes, but how many days a week is it okay to wear them.

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