Saving energy

Energy efficiency is at the heart of Ariel’s sustainability actions. Through our innovations in compaction to our drive for better packaging – both for you and the environment, everything helps in saving energy. Yet, the most impactful way to save energy is by turning down the wash temperature or choosing a quick cycle on your wash, and Ariel has been designed to give you great performance, even in quick cycles and at low temperatures.

Saving energy

Saving energy doesn’t just make things better for you, the consumer, it makes things better for the whole planet. If all washes globally use less energy than they used to, that will have a knock on effect around the globe.

While energy efficiency in the home can save you substantially, the process starts right at the beginning of the life of Ariel’s detergents.

Reducing Emissions

Climate change plays an important role in our thinking, and as a global citizen, Ariel is concerned about the impact of global warming. We believe that actions by governments, industry and individuals are the way forward. The Ariel commitment is to look to reduce emissions at every step of the way.

Efficient raw materials

The first part of this is through our use of raw materials in production. P&G is committed to reducing the Ariel energy requirements in making (or producing) our products and the packaging they come in.

Efficient transportation

The next stage on our products’ journey is transportation, and it is here that compaction plays a large role. By making our detergents more efficient, so they can give you a better tough stain removal with smaller doses, allows us to transport more goods at once, meaning that each and every product, and therefore every wash, uses less energy.