What is HD clean laundry?

The social world in digital has become so picture perfect everything has to look stunningly sharp. Our eyes are so used to this visually enhanced world that they expect it, and nothing less. No wonder more and more designers opt for cutting-edge details and patterns to bring sharpness to life. Only a detergent giving you fibre deep HD clean laundry can keep the sharpness of your clothes – only Ariel Platinum can unleash the beauty of your clothes in high definition.

What does it mean for you? It means that you will always have an Insta-ready wardrobe, with every sharp and vibrant detail ready to be seen, starting a no-filter revolution. With Platinum, you won’t ever need fake vibrancy and beauty enhancing filters – Platinum reveals the hidden beauty of your clothes, unleashing their beauty in HD.

Drawing off sticky dirt

Drawing off sticky dirt

When your clothes are HD vibrant, they need no filter. They shine bright and luminous. But without the right clean, they can lose their sparkle, becoming dull and yellowed and far from Insta-ready. This is ‘thanks’ to sticky dirt.

While most traditional detergents remove tough stains, they only touch the ones you can see, leaving layers of sticky dirt on your garment hiding deep down on the fabric’s fibres. This sticky dirt acts as a magnet, attracting more dirt until that perfect white dress goes completely yellow, or grey, or loses its shine.

Ariel Platinum HD introduces cleaning boosters that target both stains you can see and sticky dirt, removing them from your clothes and giving you an HD clean and HD look.

Say goodbye to filters

Say goodbye to filters

While your clothes will now have no need of that Instagram filter, there is another kind of filter they will say goodbye to. Sticky dirt doesn’t just attract dirt and grime to your clothes, it acts as a filter, hiding the details of your vibrant clothes and destroying their sharpness.

With Ariel Platinum, you can be filter free, both on your garments and online.

Ariel Platinum comes in 3 variants, giving you the boost you most need and providing you with a clean you can SEE, FEEL or SMELL.

Ariel Platinum Luminous HD Clean has been enhanced with a cocktail of lightening agents to lift away dullness from whites and colours and illuminate the beauty of your clothes.

Ariel Platinum Fragrant HD Clean is enriched with unique scent technology, including bubbles that gradually burst throughout the day, releasing the fresh smell of clean when you need it most.

And Ariel Platinum Pure HD Clean uses a mild and gentle formula to smooth fibres and remove micro fibrils that trap particulate allergens, leaving your clothes up to 99% particulate allergen free.

Whichever variant you choose, you will be giving your clothes an HD clean, unleashing them onto the world in the way they’re meant to be seen.