Let’s take our hats off to Ariel’s new innovation!

Ariel’s pre-treat cap helps you fight stains – getting rid of your laundry worries for good. Learn how.

Let’s take our hats off to Ariel’s new innovation!

Thanks to years of development by leading scientists, Ariel comes with a,  innovative pre-treat cap, which has already proved its efficiency: it has been trialed with over 1,000 consumers and more than 2000 stains (involving food, make-up and all those invisible stains that occur every day, yet you have no idea where they come from).

The result? Everyone loved it! Well… except the stains. This is how it works.

Breakthrough innovation: the cap for pre-treatment

POUR some Ariel liquid on your nasty stain. Now let the cap’s surface SPREAD the gel effectively on the stain for optimal adherence, then use the special designed fins of the cap to gently SCRUB, so Ariel can go deep into the fibres and unleash its power exactly where it’s needed.

Great results even with 1 wash

The Ariel with pre-treat cap helps remove stain in the first wash! Always take care to use the right dosage to avoid wasting detergent. And don’t forget, for best results, put the pre-treat cap directly into the washing machine, right on top of your clothes! Now sit back and relax.

Ariel, Gets It Right First Time.

**Results may vary by fabric and stain pre-treated – 40 C, medium water hardness.