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Offering Ariel’s best ever clean, an HD Clean via

• Ariel’s Stain Fighting Complex: Ariel’s unique and proprietary blend of cleaning actives which provide the optimal formulation of cleaning technologies to remove stains you can see and disintegrate the hidden dirt filter to remove allergens and leave clothes looking flawless wash after wash

• Pure HD Clean has a mild, gentle formulation that, as well as delivering impeccable stain removal, smooths the fibers, removing the micro fibrils responsible for particulate allergens binding to the fabric to enable up to 99% removal of allergens, giving you a pure HD Clean

The combination of outstanding cleaning and the pure booster restores and maintains the integrity of your clothes as well as removing allergens, so you can unleash your clothes in full HD after every wash.

How to Use

Front loading


230 ML = 1 Scoop

Load of 4-5 KG:

Heavy soil: 1 + 3/4
Normal soil: 1 + 1/4

Load 6 KG+ Add 1/2 of a Scoop

Top loading

Add 1/2 of a scoop from Front Load direction.


• Ariel Platinum washing powder has been formulated to purify deeply visible and sticky dirt for a high precision clean
• HD Clean System and Boost System deliver a thorough clean
• Ariel Platinum Pure Clean removes stains and sticky dirt, forming a layer around the fibres - in just one wash
• Eliminates up to 99% of allergens*
• Keeps your family’s clothes clean from allergens wash after wash
• Inanimate allergens from pollen, pet dander and dust mite matter

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Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
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07/14/2020 07:57:25

WOW - No Allergic Reactions and Clean Clothes

I love this product, discovered it when I moved to Saudi Arabia, and would like to see it available in the UK. I need washing powders that don't make my eyes, skin and lips react and even being in the same room as some powders is enough. This washes super clear, has a really gentle fresh smell and no allergic reaction - even when I had to clear up spilt powder on the floor. BRAVO P&G ... please launch this in the UK and increase the shops in Saudi stocking it.

Yes, I Recommend this product.