Ariel Platinum High Definition Clean

Did you know that your clothes are accumulating dirt every day from your body and the environment? Dust, pollen, sebum hide deep between the fibers of your clothes and stick to it, creating a dingy layer over time that causes your clothes to look dull and worn out.

Regular detergents cannot remove sticky dirt, only new Ariel PLATINUM can, giving you what we call a High Definition Clean.

Ariel PLATINUM penetrates deep into the fibers to remove in 1 wash all the layers of dirt that cause dullness and ruin the sharpness of your clothes. Its unique ingredient cocktails are full of cleaning actives like surfactants, enzymes and cleaning boosters to deliver a fiber deep HD Clean, effectively removing stains, dullness, bad odours and allergens from your clothes.

Ariel Platinum removes tough stains in 1 wash and keeps your whites and colours full of life even after 5 washes, with its newHD clean effect. Select the one for you from 3 brand new variants bringing your clothes back to real clean.